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2019年3月20日,多伦多著名的管理咨询公司LEVEL5 Strategy Group合伙人、北美最大的华人职业女性平台 Weworkingwomen 女仕界创始人俞骅;加联国际教育集团总裁、留学生互助会联合创始人于丹;旅行教育总监Joy Yuan;SIECA执业国际教育咨询师行业协会副理事长Harry Wang;SIECA执业国际教育咨询师行业协会副秘书长Melissa Zou等专家和代表们汇聚在SIECA总部,讨论约克大学在华人社区及中国家长和留学生心目中的形象、品牌、教育等相关话题。 在俞骅女士的主持和引导下,大家有序的开展讨论,各抒己见。从约克大学的形象、项目和专业的设置、留学生的喜好、对商学院的看法、中国社区的排名、升学率就业率、在中国的推广等等。各位专家都畅谈了自己的理解和想法。 本次研讨会圆满而顺利,大家头脑风暴,交换彼此的经验和看法,激发了很多闪光点和新的合作思路。在此也祝福约克大学越办越红火!教育事业蒸蒸日上,走向全球!
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Cambridge in Charlotte: British education comes to the suburbs, and NC takes note
In 1864, the University of Cambridge began offering exams to students outside of Great Britain who hoped to attend the
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The Society for International Education Certified Advisors (SIECA) is a multinational certification body whose leadership has been contributing to international education for over 30 years. As SIECA expands globally, membership opportunities continue to grow.


The CIET (International Education Consulting Centre) is a specialized and training center that delivers various high-quality courses. IEC’s staff of professionals provides continuing education and global networking opportunities to its members.

Who We Are

SIECA headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada. Its membership of the International Consultant Network has demonstrated competencies and showed ethical standard.


SIECA membership offers a competitive edge to its members

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To qualify for SIECA Professional Certification the applicant must be a member of SIECA, who completes the certification course from IEC Centre and pass SIECA’s background check.


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