SIECA was honoured to be presented with the Most Influential Education Enterprise award, to start a new era in international education

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October 12th, 2018, SIECA was invited to attend the 2018 Canada-China Education Forum held in Toronto, Canada. More than 600 honoured guests who are international authorities in the sectors of Education, Culture, Business and Governance – many of whom are celebrities – from both China and Canada.

(Yiqun Zhang, Education Councilor for the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, speaking at Canada-China Education Forum)
(Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau congratulates the Canada-China Education Forum)

The Canada-China Education Forum was effectively executed in two sessions, on 2014 and 2015 respectively. The general consensus is that despite the ever-changing world Education is still an everlasting theme in the world.

Based on multiple influential sources, this 2018 Forum fostered in-depth discussion on dynamics of international education cooperation as well as communication. Government officials and various experts from Canada and China both delivered brilliant speeches. At the international summit, Canadian and Chinese representatives from education also presented their ideologies on how to connect domestic and foreign education industry, how to optimized related international capital flow, how to further advance multinational cooperation mechanisms, and other educational industry progress issues. Ultimately, such dialogue plans are forging a powerful bridge between the two nations.

(President of the Society for International Education Certified Advisors, a.k.a SIECA, invited to speak at international panel)

The Society for International Education Certified Advisors (SIECA), serving as an international regulator and concept advocate for the practise of international education consulting, delivered a keynote speech on revolutionizing centralization of the international education consulting industry in panel discussion and lectures. The discourse elaborated on means to regulate and supervise the international education consultant industry across several countries, how to certify international education consultants, how to provide professional and impartial consulting services for international students, and how to provide students (and their families) with mentorship on the interplay of a studios life in addition to a personal life in a foreign country. The appearance and presentation of SIECA triggered balance between enthusiastic discussion and thoughtful reflection between attending international education institutions. The talks won unanimous praise.

(SIECA President Paul Kearns invited as the keynote speaker for the 2018 Canada-China Education Forum)

In order to honor SIECA’s innovative contribution to the international education consulting, the Summit Organizing Committee of the Forum awarded the Most Educational Influence Award to SIECA. Vice President Zhibin Yang of The Chinese Association for NGO Education presented the award to Mr. Paul Kearns, the President of SIECA. Canadian Member of Parliament, Ma Wanli; Canadian Senator, ZhiXiu Hu; Commissioner of the China National Education Advisory Committee and Vice President of the World Federation of UNESCO Associations)Xiping Tao; the Ontario Member of Parliament Wenbin Ke, Senior Educational Advisor for Asia from Boao Forum and the Asia Education of Beijing forum, Yao Wan; Secretary-General of the forum, together with many other dignitaries witnessed the grand award ceremony. This historic event even received a special congratulatory video from Markham Mayor, the honourable Frank Scarpitti.

(SIECA awarded the International Education Influence Award 2018)

In the Forum, SIECA signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Canada Blockchain E-Commerce Ltd (CBE) and Blockchain Education Foundation Ltd. Mr. Paul Kearns, the President of SIECA, announced: “This is a new beginning for the revolutionary standardization of the International Education Industry”. The cooperation among the parties is well founded, and leverages both resources, technical innovation, and widely enhances respective core competitiveness. SIECA, working with CBE’s resource integration, its international service platform, optimizes communication between international students and international education consultants, thus ensuring the best interests of international students. Through SIECA’s co-operation with education-centric financial technology company Blockchain Education Foundation Ltd., SIECA could use a credit/merit systems, incentive systems and supervision systems to closely manage its members, and to endorse international education consultants’ performance, which in turns ascertains that its SIECA certified consultants provide honest, accurate, and resourceful service to every student.

(SIECA Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Canadian Blockchain E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and Singapore Blockchain Education Foundation)


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