Mr. Gary Diamond and Mr. Alan Wolfish join the Board at SIECA

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Today, SIECA President Mr. Paul Kearns hosted a meeting with Mr. Gary Diamond, Director of Educan Consulting, and Mr. Alan Wolfish Queen’s Counsel (QC).

Mr. Diamond, Director of Educan Consultants, has many years of experience as a consultant specializing in international education.  He has worked with international schools in the Asia-Pacific region in developing accreditation standards and quality assurance.  He was a Supervisory Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Education.

During the meeting, Mr. Diamond has  expressed his support and enthusiasm for SIECA, “I am quite confident that your venture will be successful. Based on the information you shared with me, I believe I can bring some added value to the mandate of SIECA.”

Mr. Wolfish QC served as Legal Director for 25 years in Ontario’s education ministries. His private law practice focused on higher education and elementary/secondary private schools. As an education consultant, he has worked in Kuwait and the Far East. Mr. Wolfish has also co-founded Aging-In Conferences Inc. and continues to speak at conferences. He has co-authored two publications on higher education. Honours include Queen’s Counsel and the Amethyst Award.

Mr. Wolfish fully agrees with SIECA’s contribution as a professional multinational society for international education consultants.  He has also confirmed his optimism in joining the SIECA Advisory board. He said to Mr. Kearns: “What I also appreciate is that your commitment to quality is not negotiable. That’s what counts … as well as enjoying the work and the people”.

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