About SIECA Certification

SIECA IEC (International Education Consulting) Professional Certification instills credibility in the minds of international students, their families, and educational institutes.  IEC Certification is a very valuable achievement, because it opens doors to many international education business endeavours.  Qualified SIECA members who obtain IEC certification will almost always be chosen over someone without such a designation.  Even if a seasoned SIECA consultant already possessed the knowledge and traits to qualify as an ideal SIECA consultant, there would still be an invaluable advantage to being issued a SIECA IEC Professional certificate for the reason that it can officially validate the given member’s credentials.

IEC Professional Certification genuinely endows international education consultants with the knowledge, protocol literacy, and bona fide certified representation to their clientele – in several countries.  A client’s trust in their advisor’s ability as well as their intentions are among the most important prerequisites to gain business.

Ultimately, the crucial benefits for students who receive professional advice from SIECA’s IEC certified consultants are: knowledgeable awareness, resourcefulness, and sincere appreciation for the life-long impact on their lives.


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