The SIECA is an international multi-tiered membership network of sector professionals from across the world.  The membership infrastructure consists of 4 tiers which represent a range of credentials – and SIECA helps each member to upgrade their level – which also significantly upgrades member credentials.


First Tier: Fellow Certified Professional International Education Consultants

Highest ranking SIECA member. These members contribute to the continual revision of certification standards and practises, and they cooperate with the IEC Certification Committee to evolve the overall IEC Certification curriculum  process.

Second Tier: Certified Professional International Education Consultant

Members who have completed the IEC Certification program issued by the IEC Training Centre.

Third Tier: Professional Certification Candidates

Members who already have one year of documented related experience are qualified for IEC Certification training.

Fourth Tier: General Membership

Relatively new or out of practice to their career in education consulting, who really want to progress in their competencies and capacities.

SIECA membership comes with an abundance of privileges in addition to a competitive edge for its members:

  • Industry credibility / credentials via various criteria such as:
    • Thorough membership candidate screening
    • Referrals / recommendation letters from the SIECA Board of Directors and IEC Training Centre Administration
    • Continually-increasing industry competency through social exchange on the member platform, such as the sharing of ideas with regard to best-practise exchange
    • Access to SIECA social networking events
    • Priority access to training events at the IEC Training Centre
    • Most importantly, SIECA certification issued by the IEC Training Centre
  • A diverse and international multi-tiered network of professional contacts from across the world; like-minded, ethical and competent consultants
  • Privileged advisory services from appointed IEC Training Centre mentors and associates
  • Professional ‘Match-making’ arrangements
  • Exclusive RSVPs to world-class international events such conferences, summits, seminars, and webinars – as attendees and/or speakers

Individuals [Autonomous Members] and businesses [National Affiliates] who are approved for membership are provided with an official SIECA Membership Kit.  


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